Preparing Your home To Sell

Getting the best possible value for your home will require some steps to make your home appealing to potential buyers. You will also want to make sure that the home is in the best operating condition for the home inspection. Some sellers have had sales fall through after an unfavorable inspection. Ensuring that there are no major repairs that need to be done will make the home inspection process run much smoother.

There are a few steps that need to be completed to solidify the sale of your home.

No Clutter. When buyers are inside your home you want them to feel like it is a place they could make their own. Trinkets, pictures, collectibles, and furniture that is specific to your family should be removed and stored. Try to make your home as neutral as possible so buyers can envision what they want.

Repair. Go through the home and check for things that are visually unappealing and broken. The look and functionality of your home will go a long way with a new buyer. There may be things that you have overlooked on repairing because they don’t bother you. Repair those items as you never know what will turn off a buyer.  You do not want to leave the buyer thinking “What else is wrong?”

Deep Clean. This cannot be overlooked. Give your home a thorough top to bottom cleaning. Buyers expect to see your home in tip top shape. A dirty appearance is an immediate turn off. Try to keep your home clean during the entire sales process. You never know when someone will want to go through it.

Revitalize. No matter how long you have lived in your home the areas that you use the most can become worn. There are many products that can bring new life to your home. Shine your floors, polish your fixtures and clean your carpets. This will make your home much more appealing.

Even in a seller’s market failing to prepare your home for buyers can lead to unimpressive results in the sales process.