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Based in Columbia MD herself, Dominika is intimately familiar with all of the beauties Columbia has to offer. It’s not just natural beauty, the rich culture of the region is immediately becoming to all those whom choose to call Columbia their home.

Consistently rated one of the nation’s top counties in which to live, Howard County and Columbia are close to two major metropolises that of Washington DC and Baltimore- both provide a wide range of entertainment options and job opportunities to those whom choose to call Columbia their home.

Perhaps the most quintessential descriptor of Howard County is the physical personification of the People Tree, a monument built to showcase the principals underlying Columbia as a whole. The blueprints of the city itself were laid down with the original intention to actively enhance its citizen’s quality of life; by calling Dominika you’ll find it’s not just the city layout that contribute to the quality of life, but the citizens themselves, welcoming all.

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